Macro Photography: What’s blooming in my garden now: this purple spiky flower – bachelor’s button, cornflower, sartorius montana…what is it?

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I’ve searched the web trying to identify this pretty flower. Can you help me? It looks like it may be a bachelor’s button, but, those are annuals, right? These are definitely perennials which have been multiplying and coming back year after year. Whatever it is, I love these passionate, spiky, purple flowers…and so does this bee!! 🙂


And, below, a non-macro view of these pretty purple flowers:

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please check out my etsy shop.

please check out my etsy shop.

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Beaded Coral Reef

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A War Crime in Cairo

The mobs in Tahrir Square show their true colors in the sexual assault of Lara Logan.

via A War Crime in Cairo.

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Small Scarf

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January is a good month so far

I received news that one of my crocheted wall hangings was accepted into the Columbia County Council on the Arts upcoming show “Threads.”

Then the icing on the cake was that my poem “Weeping Willow” was accepted for publication in “Phoenix” published in NYC by Michael Graves, host of the Phoenix Poetry Reading Series.

For a little grace note I sold my first piece on

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Welcome to wildbraidart’s blog. This is very new to me. I have enough trouble keeping up with Facebook and Twitter. However, here goes. Look for updates with some frequency. It is Sunday night 11:28 January 2, 2011. I can’t believe I’m writing that date. It’s scary how fast time passes when you’re having fun!!! Right now I’m in process of posting even more to my Etsy shop. I would post more to Zibbet but they limit me to 50 items unless I pay for an account. Since income has been very sparse I’m not in any position to do that these days. So I’m dependent upon this blog, my website: or, my Etsy shop: and Facebook: Marlene Yvette Caller Vidibor and wildbraidart page, Twitter: wildbraidart and Zibbet: wildbraidart. Hope that when you read this blog you will contact me and give me feedback on my jewelry. I can revise or alter almost anything you see if you want it customized in any way. I hope in the future to be able to add some of my poetry and artwork to this blog as well as my art jewelry.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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